Traction Power Supply

We offers service for completed the work of AC and DC traction power system (Receiving substation, Traction substation, Station service substation) as bellows;

• Preliminary design and definitive design
• Detail design included interface with other related railway systems
• Supply traction power supply equipment by our partner
        • AC and DC switchgear
        • Traction transformer and Rectifier
        • Short Circuiting Device
        • Stray Current Monitoring System
        • DC cable and Track bonding cable
• Installation and onsite supervision
• Testing and commissioning

Why choose TTR?

Your business benefits from a full integrated railway system partner who offers you all services by the right solution to complete the required tasks on the schedule and within budget.
    • Manage your project efficiently
    • Save time and budget
    • Minimize risk
    • Local service

Our Services

Trans Thai Railway, offers design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of
    • Railway Electrification
    • Traction Power Supply
    • Signalling System

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